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>> see what that says? volunteer. you don't even know what that means. >> meter man ragee what touched off this tirade.
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>> you pennsylvania scoop per wood chuck. >> not aapretty sight. infested candy showed up. >> clouds movv in and then rain, whh could see the weather, and foreeast. >> unusual rescue, how a 1500-pound camel got in such a ú%d spot. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore this >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. worms found in candyy at a gibbs store at one of baltimore renowned hospitals. >> karen parks is 2004 tell us the person thattate it was a 14-year-old chhld. >> thaa's right jennifer and -eff. teenager went to johnsshhpkins outpatient center for a routine exam. >> we weee at the hospital.elly3 >> tuesday morning, dannel boyd
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took his daughter and son to the outpatient center for a routine exam. >> went to the gift shop, and got three little, 15-cent resees cups. >> ate 1 and then another. %-the candy.ide of the top of %-just burrowing in the candy.p. >> father opened up the third piece of candy. this is what he found. >> i always thooght that the hospital was a clean place you could go. you know, and stuff like that >> i got real sick. and i started like haviig diarrhea and throwing up. abdominal pain. >> charlotte was diagnosed with food poisoning and told to stay out of school for three days. gift shhp and spoke with antal employee. >> well she said okay, weecheck and all the dan candy hat they
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had had worms innthem. >> a spokesperson for opkins released this staaement. johns hopkins medicine has individually foiled wrapped resees peanut butter cups and3 other candies from the shops. >> the vendor called me and gave me herssey's number. >> spokesperson for hershey that produced the candyyreleased this statement it has been o'our experience that infestation typically occurring during distribution or storage after products leave our control. >> hopkkns said the candy was deliverrd to hopkins within the exceeded its expirationndate. in the meantime, mr. bood plans to hire an attorney to get to the bottom of this. karen pprks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> breaking news to report out of aruudel county. a swimmer has been pulled out of a pool with life threatening injuries. this is the scene at north3
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arundel aquatic center at 8:00 ú%is evening. 25-yearrold man found unconscious under water. lifeguards tried to perform cpr. he was rushed to baltimore-washington medical center. time. >> gun fire this afternoon, after a robbery in northeast baltimore. a suspecttis in custody, after aa armed seccriiy guard opened fire during the robbery. it happened in a pharmacy at the loch raven shopping laza. when the ssecial police officer engaged them, he saw the weapons, pulled out his service weapon and fired multiple shots, to disable theesuspects. he did not strike anybody. it is beeiived that no one was strong two suupects leet the store. went on a brref foot chase. >> police are still looking ffr a second suspect. >> onn day later and still no winner declared in the race for baltimore city state's attorney. it is a race too close to call, with more votes to count tonight.
10:05 pm a look at the about 1300 votes, as you can see, separate bernstein and jessemy but bernstein leads 49 to 47 percent. keith daniels is live at the city board of election, where the remaining ballots will be tallied. keith? >>weel, jeff the race is so ttght it raises the significance of absentee ballots, latest turn in tte race, after workers here at the election board struggledú so hard, to get all of the primary ballots counted. >> at the city boord of elections, direct armsttad polling place in the city state's attorney race. no jones said, but >> no problems at all, other than rumorssmaybe that things are issing. %-everything is accounted for. >> the boord of elections, now reporting, that 100 percent of the primary bbllots have been counted.ú with challenger greg bernstein ú%ging out incumbent patricia
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patricia jessamy by 1300 votes. but to be clear, paaricia jessamy has not conceded the race. however, require campaign spokeswoman released this statement that reads ii part. we stand by the democrattc the campaign feeling it is nota. exactly over. relying, perhaps, on absentee ballots. election officials say requests forrabsentee ballots came from more ttan 3600 baltimore democrats, wwth 2100 ballots returned so far. with the count to begin thursday. votes that could make a close, with so mmny watching and waiting. including city hall, and mayor stephanie rrwlings-blake. >> i have alwayy aid during the fully re-election i am committed to working with whoever the citizens choose of state's attorney to reduce violent crime in the city. >> well in a statement released
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tonight,,bernstein said quote, he is pleas please the withfina. but for now he is not claiming victory. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you keith. yesterday a primary set up two rematches. one is the ace for governor. governor o'malley easilyywon the democratic nomination. and former governor bob ehrlich faced a challenge from brian murphy but won the primary by 3-1 mmrgin. >> but during a very serious time, people want serious conveying serious messages, on serious issues, about their lives. that's why the checks are pouring in, hat's why the volunteers are showing up. because we are seeiius about33 ú%xing this state. >> lookk these are tough years, ut we have been making progrrss through the tough yeaas. and the people of the state. whenever given a choice of whether tt move forward or fall back, always choose orward. and that's why i am looking focused on you job creation, and
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%akinnginvestments in education. tax and is pledging not to raise taxee. republican nomination for the firss congressional district.3 67-33, aad incumbent kratovil ran unopposed for the democratic nomination. cradville won that by less than three vow votes. >> winner for baatimore county eeecutive, with 000percent of the precincts reportingg kevin kamenetz has secured the nomination with 52 percent of the vote. 44 percent. john rydell reports on what kevin kamenetz is saying about the victory and his opponent. >> kevin kamenetzp did not get the bed until 5:30 a.m.. but his long wait paad off. with most of the precincts reporting, kevin kamenetz has declared victory over fellow
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democrat bartenfelder. >> it is time that we put our differences bbhind us, and i reach out tt everyone, in baltimoreecounty, to heal our ddvisions. >> kevin kamenetz got an early morning phone call bartenfelder that congratulaaeed him. >> joe is a good man, a hard worker, dedicated public servant. >> for both candidates it was a long and frustrating niggt. marred by slow returns. election officials blame the problem on human error. after the polls closed some -orkers shut down votingg3 forget to tally the votes inside. anddin the end one political analyst say a key group of voters helped to puu kevin kamenetz over the top. >> kevin kamenetz 91 larre measure because he had very strong support in the african american community, on the westside of the county. >>as ffr bartenfelder, he is the ouucome of this race. but in a statement he has thanked all of his friends and supporters for all of their help
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during this long campaign. >> the bartenfelder has not said whether he will endorse kevin kamenetz in the general electton. >> we will resttre the ecooomy of baltimore county. >> former state deleggte ken holts that ran unopposed in the g.o.p. will face kevin kamenetz in. no holt ill fight any move by state to forre the counties to begin funding teacher's pensions. >> for the stateeto get themselves in financial ttouble, onto the county, is not fair. >> one of many issues to be %-the next baltimore countyme executiie. in towson, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and ron harvey came in third in the democratic race for baltimore county exeeutive with neerly 4 percent of the vote. >>well, there was surprisingly low voter turnout to tuesday primaries and in altimore city, 20 percent of voters head to the pools. state wide, turnout was just over 27 percent. that's below the 30 percent that state elections officials were
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projectinn. >> no real reason. >> iiwas disappointed because i didn't see as many as iithought back in 2008. >> people were lazy, do not want want to do nothing. >> i went because a lot of things need to be changeed. >> that brings us to the question of the ay. why do you ttink there was such low voter turnout? ccer writes on our website, i believe the low voter turnout was because a lot of marylanders are registered independent and3 we were not allowed to vote in the election. but rick writes, i think it shows that people ring, are not word votiig for. go to and let us know what you think. %-and we will hear more response on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> two major upsets nnother states. wins for tea party candidates. shocking upset was in delaware. christine o'donnell beat veteran mike castle for the republican nomination for senate. vice--resident biden's old seat. and she beat castle soundly, 53
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to 47 percent. polls suggest that she trailed the demooratic nominee but republicans are backing her nomination. >> i am convince that had we can win. because beforeeall of this reeubliccn can natural balanceesm i was ahead in thh polls, if we can put this behind and us do some damage repair, and, you know, then we can turn that two-point lead into a 10-point lead. >> a tea party backed candddate won the repubbic nomination for state of new york. he beat congress member.ú but paladino faces a uphill ú%ght..3 facing the former governor. %-race by 30 ppints.lead the -nd stay with uu for the latest information on the november elections, go to and click on thh vote 2010 icon, in the news features section. >> well it has become a common theme in the murder trial of former councilmanken harris, no
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one got a good look at the three suspects. as crime and justice reporter joy lepola exppains, one man that was face-tooface with the killer, is not even convinced that he knows who is ressonsible. >> the three men seen here all face-to-face with ken harris' killer but not yet one can say mcganey, gaay colyns, or jerome williims was the gunman. >> everybody is assuming that the people out in front of the bar were the people iiside of the bbr were the people at some point wenn behind the bar. that night. to being terrified his manager sidney mathews, seen here, told jurors uote, i don'3 know if thhse are the boys. >> who would know better than the person who was involved in the incident? and his testimony was he could not say. >> the state is still banking on surveillancc video. and dna to convince jurorss3ú mcganey, colyns and williams,
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are guilty. >> his dna matches dna recovered off of articles, recovered from thh scene. >> back in january of last year, police commissioner fred bealefield tied jerome william's dna to this haaloween mask, a mask eye witnesses testified seeing the shooter wearing the night of the murder. in downtown baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00.3 >> and testimony was contradictory at times today witnessessrecall hearing, to the number of suspects who carriedú >> well, we are gettinn a sneak peek at a new statue in >> bust of frank accept pay at eastern avenue and conklin. club. the dedication is >> kind of beckons you with the
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softness. >> later or fox 45 news at 10:00. lot more thaa cash.ú it is our cover story tonight. >> alsooahead. parking meter rage. hear more of this man's tirade later as fox 45 news at 10:00 continues. %-attacked by bedbugs in her own apartment. i am myranda stephens, who she -s now suing, coming up. >> veey busy trooical season. looking at one, two, and a third %-out there over the atlantic. show you where theestorms are heading.úú%coming up after the . i'm bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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>> a woman is suing a3 cockkysville apartment complex afttr she said she wassattacked by bed glux yranda stephens joinn us now with why she said that manage system to blame. myranda? >> jennifer and jeff. aaber moved into the bbiar cliff apprtments northeast uly of 2008. but about a year later she said that she beganton notice itchy sores all over her arms and chest. it waa later determined that she haddbedbugss she reported the problem to the ú%artment manager, who hired an bugs, like the ones you see here. but crow shaw said the bugs returned a few months later. fed up she eventtally moved oot but is now suing the managers claiming thhy knew there was a bed bug roblem at the apartments long before her complaint. ú% these bugs, they invade your bed at niiht when you are sleeping. when you want to be at peacc..3 and they crawl all over your and they suck your blood.
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aad it is very disturbing to people. and there can be serious medical >> crow shaw said as a high school teacher she wws subjected she is now sueing for $100,000. we tried to contact the managers ú% briar cliff late today, but ú%mment. myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. -> a student from stevenson university is in the hospital tonight with what could be a case of bacterial meningitis. bacterial meningitis is highly contagiouu and can be deaaly. school officials have contact other students and given them antibiotics. this year in maryland. there were 12 in 2009. >> pro-lifers rally in indnap today demanding a meeting with the state attorney general. jeff abell joins us with whyythe activists want charges filed against several doctors. >> thee are alleady under investigation after a botched abortion.
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but tonight operation rescue, the pro-life organization is demanding three doctors be criminally charged. >> women across americc, are being butchered. >> outside of the tomorrow's office. of the state to look at this case.ú >> we want prosecution to happen within the state of maryland. >> protestors arr demanding -riminal charges. stemming from an abortion that almost cost an 18-year-old woman her life. >> we demand for a criminal investigation, we call upon this attorney general not to let the politics of abortion enter into this. and look at it n its face, for its action. >> pooiie in elkton say new jersey doctors steven brigham brought the teenager to maryland for an abortion performed by doctors nicola riley and george shepherd. but during the procedure serious complications developed. foocing the doctors to drop the woman off at the hospital. >> women n americaaare not receiving the safe legal
10:21 pm
abortions, in fact, they are being butchered on a daily basis. if this happened under any other situation, people would have indictments against them right now. >> criminal charges have not been filed. but the medical licenses of doctors riley, and shepherd were suspended. dr. big ham who is not licenseed to practice in maryland has been issued a cease and desist order. >> if you support women, if you support human righhs, if you support consumer protection, ú%is is an outrage. >> tonight, the attorney general's office will not confirm nor deny its investigating the ase. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00..3 >> we had another great weather day today. >> it was really great. ú%ntinuee chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. >> gorgeous day today. plenty of ssnshine. comfortable temperatures. -nd looks like more nice days on the way.
10:22 pm
but we have tt get through a day of rain, potentially, into tomorrow night. lloking at what is gging on out ú%ere. temperatures wise, pretty comfortablee 70 in hagerstown. 69 in baltimore. 77 in d.c. 65 in salisbury it looks like we will continue to see comfortable temperaturee through tte overnight.úú%as far as the skies like we have some clearing out there that we had earlier tooay, with plenty of sunshine, with the drying conditions off to the east. that area of high pressure, starting to eave us. making way for theeclouds. we will start to see cloudss3 gathering and in nd showers moving ahead of the fronttl boundary. and timing that o we could see that front will start to get%cl. we will start to see tte clouds building in. and therr is he front oving in ú%om the northwest. giving us the potential for showers, maybe even a few rumbles oo thunder. scatttred across the state. not organized but onetheless keep the umbrellas nearby. -iwill show you how much rain we could get in some spots of the state. and also tracking the active hurricanes in the atlantic. where they will end pcoming. in the ssven-day forecaat. >> thank you, vytas.
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you can be in charge of your own personalized forecaat. i-radar be available at we be w use the interactive tools to track storms down to your neighborhood. go to and click on i-radar. >> so marylann residents do their best insect impersonation raising cash tt battle drug addiction.ú >> sick people spent the morning down the side of ilo each raised, at least, $500 to ú%rn the privilege to go over the edge. the money raised from the event will go toward drug addiction treatment and recovery programs. >> it was very scary forrme. i aa terrified of heightss so very scare me for me. i raised $2235 for a greet organization. so i feel good. >> today's event coiicides with natiinal recovery month. one in three baltimore families are affected by substance abuseú that is above the national average. >> and when it comes to news in your neighborhood see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon.
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and you can also send photos directly froo your cell phone tt you see what that says. volunteer. you don't even know what thaa means. >> later, on fox 45 news at 10:00. hear more of this man's tirade, and what set him off. road. maybe of pedals. >> cooing up nnxt in tte cover story. sun lowers are in full bloom. a 3
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>>well, many maryland farmers are grrwing an ancient crop this year. sunflowers. they are used for feed, seeds, ú%d oil. and they are native to the americas and foond to be domesticated in what is now tennessee. around 2300 bc. >> but unlike othee crops that we drive past without even looking. sunnlowers make you ttp on the brakes, pull over and appreciate their absolute perfect beauty. photo journallst darren ddrlach learned that firsthand at a sunflower field that seemed to go on forever. >> like nature's yellow brick road. made of pedals. >> sunfllwers.ú they kind of beckon you, i think, with the softness. >> if ou are looking to cleanse
10:28 pm
the soul from theestresses of daily liff. >> like easily 5 inches across. >> 75-acre field n harford county providing a vibrant >> thought we would get up early >> dozens of photographers, and3 gawkers race to eat the sunrise to the clear meadow farm. >> you can sse how it is warming and swapping over the wholee3 -ield. like an event. a tourist event. >> she won't be five months ever again. and great photo oppprtunity. >> you don't see something like this every day. she is eating it. >> this vast ocean of gold is slowly becoming a living, breathingg masterpiece. >> of all the crops to plant, why sunflowers? these are the sunflower seeds inside. >> farmer zach rose will harves3
10:29 pm
the seedd for birr feed. rose estimates a yield of about 80,000 poundssof sunflower seeds from this majestic landscape. end of things for a change. >> even this harden farmer -nows. there ii something spell binding about being here. >> neat to have a large area of all yellow. -o definitely, breath taking. >> it is so amazing. >> look at daddy. >> families come in droves. >> we stopped by her the other day, and there were five families out here taking pictures. so it is quite a local attraction. >> how far does it go? >> i don't know but it is like the wizaadssof oz. >> wait. come back..3 >> my father told us about it. seen so many sunflowers, let aloneeone. >> he saiddyou have tt take the >> look at the big fat one? >> zach rose's golden crop will yield good thingsshopefully in the coming months for his farm. his sunflowers are already shinning bright on another farm.
10:30 pm
just accoss the road. >> we are shined on.ú%>> we hav3 because of the fields out there. >> it makes things much more bearable. during the day. thhy want to get as high as they can to see what they can see. we had one lady want to rawl on top of our coca-cola delivery truck and take pictures. they really want that picture. the perfect one. >> it is beautiful. very iiteresting. yeah. >> i have been all over the world. %->> some of tte meetings come abbut, perhaps, by chance. >> i told him get in the car we are going on an adventure. >> oh, heck, yeah, i am ready for anything now. delightful end of summer spectacle. >> he said do not tell me what it is. surprise me. >> look at the bees in there. >> by thanksgiving, these
10:31 pm
flowees will have lost their brilliance, for the fall harvest. zach roseeis planning on more sunflowers for next year. >> grow more. and try to make it more friendly for theepublic to come. >> that is an impossibility. >> actually forget everything when you are out here. >> given the warm and inviting facess >> among hese pieces of golden glory. >> on the millions of flowers. golden glory. >> already gracing heavenly plot of ground. >> it celebratts maryland. you feel good about everything when you leave here. >> that's true. >> it is amazing. >> sunflowers grow in hot dry weather. so this? was kind to this croo. >> thii is the time to get up there and look at the sunflowers.ú i took my son uu saturday. it was amazingg so beautiful. and here is the deal. in the next few weeks, marvelous yellow color will fade and then it comes to that inevitable harvest time.
10:32 pm
>> later on the news at 10:00. the likelihood the person you will shake hanns with washed bathroom. >> pick that ann shove it up. >> but next. find out what started this ú%gumenn. after the break. >> no bad language in this sunshine, well, some clouds.e and maybe some rain to talk about. i will have a detailed forecast3 for you ♪
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>> beautiful weather but we need the rain at this particular point in time. >> yeah, we do. >> it has been dry. lots of folks like the sunshinn. and blue skies. but you need some rain. i love rain. you.e never maid make fun of >> you like all weather. >> i do. >> but we are talking about opening up the windows and hear it come down. and rumbll of thunder. >> you are really selling it. >> i love it. i think you will love it too. it can wash your car too. i have nottwashed mine in a long time. let it rain. lookk like skycam is ccear out there. cllar conditions, with a few high thin clouds moving in. downtown right noo, mostly -lear. temperatures at 69 degrees. levels at 77 percent.3 and it looks like the pressure
10:36 pm
is steady right now at 30.1 inches. so it looks like definitely a relatively comfortable evening. almanac explaining the story of the day. high was 84. the low was 53. earlier today. record was 97 degrees back in 1997. then only 40 back in 1873. as farras any precipitation. not looking at much in tte form of rain. we have been dry. but that could change tomorrow. we could add to the nuuberssas moissure moves in from the northwest.3 -ith a cool front pushing down out of the great lakes. 69 in downtown baltimore. 73 in d.c. 70 in hagerrtown. eastern shore.ú in the mid 60s. and continue to see the temperatures fluctuate a bit. get a boost in he temperatures but then short lived as the froot moves through. we will he have a chance for rain. on the modee data. %-but how much will it really gt -ver the mouutains and come into the central porrion of maryland. right now it is not showing anything. but there is a chance of
10:37 pm
unooganized showers and rumbles night, overnight, and then head out of here friday morning. but we will see hhw thaa plays out as it gets closer. mainly clear conditions across the mid-atlantic, to the new england statess few clouds working in. you can see the pop-up showerss starting to happen around laugh create indiana, south of gary and south bend. moisture will ride along the frontal boundary as it movvs closer. now, high pressure has een dragging in the warmer temperatures from the south we have seennthe clockwise rotation. bringing up the southwest flow as the cold front approaches ahead of t there is the potential, as we see at 7:00, thursday, nice line of showers and thunderstorms. watch as it advance closer. it kinn of breaks up. because it is running into the dryer air left over from the high ressure. so we will see if we get showers out of that. we clear up for the weekend. and beyond that, out in the plains, not a lot of activity. so relatively qqiet as far as the forecast. once we are through the weekend into most of next week. where it is not quiet it s rumbling and noisy in the
10:38 pm
looking at hurricane igor, caaegory 4 storm, 132 miles per hour winds and gusting to -igher. but tracking it will affect the folks in the bermudas there. and makes a right turn, becomes %-but easterly track. so it could be the weaker side of the storm which theyyare keeping their fiigers crossed julia, category 3 storm, sitting behind gor. looking at 200 -- 227 miles per houu wind. 155 gusts. %-curling it back into the is atlannic. east of berruda islands so not a threat to anyone. where we do have a little bbt of the heavv rain is karl down there. tropical storm. makkng the way across the yucatan peninsula. track takes it as a landfall. as a category one into parts of %-not aafecting the u.s. at all. so here is what it looks like for our forecast back at home.3 we will continue to see that chance for showerr tomorrow night.
10:39 pm
81 for friday. clearing up. 80 for saturday. plenty of sunshine. and sunny on sunday toomonday. very comfortable teeperatures. >> kel ray beach florida is ot and boy so are the parking enforcement officers. barry shooe gaveea ticket andrra that just parked her car and never had time to feed the meter. >> turn around, and thee3 parking attendant is giving me a ticket, i said hey buddy wait a second, i said i have uarters, - didn't even know if we were staying or going. >> so andrea's husband went to look for shore with the camera ears.úg and well cover your >> take that and shove it up your -- active on video. >> i could give aadam. i don't give * bleep* about ú%e job. a uy like you should * bleep* , yeah i lost my (*bleep * see what thaa said, volunteer. you don't even know what that
10:40 pm
means. his voluntary position. no one knows anything about the pennsylvania skoogle wood chuck part because andrea and bill are from florida. but i am telling you, pennsylvania skoogle wood chuck. those are fighting words. andrea you better park somewhere else. >> okay..3 firefighters making a very unussal rescuu in oregon ity. >> what s up with that. >> oh, moses, 1500-pound camel firefighters had to shovel the mud carefully for several hours ú% free mooes. that's his name. they were concerned he would break his legs, if he had to free himself. but he is okay..3 a vet examining moses said he would be just fine. aftee thht ordeal. >> goodnees.
10:41 pm
>> next on the news at 10:00. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same.
10:42 pm
it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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>> researchers find that one in five people don't wash their hands. after going toothe bathroom. a new study placed researchers in bathrooms undercover. how oull you like that job in pretendiig to put on makeup or fix their hair. they found in new york penn station and grand central station, 20 ercent of peeple did not wash their hands. researchers did find that women were more diligent about ú%nnwashing then men. >> well, theeprimaries were taking place in our area. ú%%-going on online.t sort was >> yeah the people have spoken. and in tonight's "word on the web", judy kurtz that doos wash her hands, reveals ameriia's best restroom. >> with hand painned murals, ornate fixtures and you may not realize the winner of theebest restroom conteet satisfy restroom. according to thousands of voters, fountain on locust in st. louis, is the best bathroom bar not. the restroom is inside of a voters vote order ine, with
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cleanliness and style and open access. no local restrooms were nominate but last yeaa baltimore tremont was among the fiialists. for best restroomm mobile news is certainly best for you. get breaking news and weather alerts on your phone. text wbff o 45203. or go to to sign up today. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". ,3 >> a hort week to get ready for the showdown with t
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like a pretty good and next wwek.u like sunshine. but first start with tomorrow. 85 degrees w clouds gathering through the day. slight chance of pop-up howers late in the day. 50 percent chance for rain across the area. some will see t, some won't. overnnggt thursdayy friday clear up. 81. beautiful sunshine. extending into sunday. 83 early parts of next week. look clear, and comfortable temperatures. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, vytas. >> the ravens are dealing with the down side of playyng monday night. >> bruce cunningham joins us now in "sports unlimited". brrce? >> coming up toniiht on "sports unlimited". you are the only game in town on monday night. but therr is a price you must pay for playing in the nfl showcase. we will tell you what it is.
10:49 pm
and a peed derookie returns to the ravens, tell you how he wound up back here and what the plans are. brooms were out at camden yards, %-and preppplayer of the week,p. high school quarterback that had to wait a long time to get his "sports unlimited", starts right noo. >> you know, appearing on monday night football can be a mixed blessing, while it is trueeyour team gets excllsive national attention, only game in town and all of hat. but there is a negative that goes with it. you have to play the nexx week everyone else to get ready for it. that's a situation the ravens find themselves in this week. %-thhy begin preparations today for a very mportant afc north match up with the bengals. defending divisional champions, -nd a team that swept both games from thee last year. but they are not focused on the short week of practice. they kno i

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